Scarborough and Whitby Youth Mentor

JM picture

I joined North Yorkshire Youth in February as a Youth Mentor for Scarborough and Whitby right in the middle of lockdown, so it was a challenge. Everyone was helpful on the team, so I was soon up and running seeing young people in and around Scarborough and Whitby.

I mainly did walk and talk with the young people in lockdown around where they lived as they did not want another zoom meeting (which I could fully understand). These walk and talks helped me discover the Whitby area a bit more and find my way round as well as get to know the young person. I also went on detached and was shown round Whitby by Ian (Youth Development worker) who I will hopefully be planning some summer projects with for young people in Whitby.

I have enjoyed going into the different schools and meeting the young people and listening to all their brilliant stories and ideas and looking at projects they have been part of. In the Easter holidays I met up with some of the young people I work with and in one day managed to walk 13 miles in 3 different walk and talks and enjoyed everyone. I have done a run and talk with one of my young people who were interested in running, like I am, and we completed 6.7 miles along Scarborough seafront, quite an achievement for both of us.

More recently I have been encouraging young people to take photos of what makes them happy or where they live, one of which is attached, all the pictures are brilliant and have made the young people get outside, exercise and connect with nature. I am looking forward to meeting more young people and developing the role further as we come out of these challenging times