At NYY we know that finding the right things to do with your club can be tough - finding resources, working out how to do the activities and making them fun. To help, we have provided a range of specialised and issue-based session resources. If there is something you like please feel free to use it. Alternatively if you want to chat through how you run the activity or need something a little different, please contact us and together we can see what we can do. 

For now here is a selection of games and activities booklets you can use to help you run your youth club:

Problem-solving Games

A guide to some great exercises that will get your group thinking and moving.

Participation - A Practical Guide

An introduction to 'Participation' - the process of involving young people in the design and delivery of services and activities. 

Ice-breakers and Name Games

A few examples of games and exercises designed to allow groups to get to know each other's names.

Team-building Games

A range of simple activities and games designed to get groups of young people working together.

Youth Work Activities

A handy 'how to' guide covering some basic activities to engage young people.

Time-waster Games

Some simple exercises to keep groups occupied if you have spare time to fill.

Games & Activities for Young Leaders

A few examples of easy-to-run games and activities, including details of time, space and resource requirements.